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Extra copies

Creating extra copies

Extra copies of your images

Once we have scanned your images, you may wish to create extra copies, e.g. if you have more than one child you may wish to give all of them a copy so that they can all preserve your family history.

You are free to make your own copies of anything we send you, however we offer an extra service to make the additional copies for you.

Every copy is generated from our master digital copy and so there is no loss of quality.

This service covers everything to send to you, whether its just your images or a DVD slideshow

We will even send the copies to different addresses for you and just bill you for the postage.

Extra copies

  • £5.00 per copy
  • Available for all scans and dvd slideshows
  • Give copies of your images to all friends and family
  • Request your copies when placing your order