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Social media sharing

Sharing your photographs on social media sites

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Creating your own digital archives is great and allows you to preserve your family history, but many people these days want to share their photos with the whole world. Once Pixave have scanned your photographs for you, you will be able upload your photographs to Twitter, Facebook, google+ and any other site that allows you to share your photographs with your friends.

Once you have uploaded your photos to a site like Facebook, you will even be able to tag your friends so they will see themselves in your old photos! Sharing your photographs with friends online is a lot easier than inviting them to your house to look through your old photo albums.

Just as in real life, you will also be able to create albums on your social network, e.g. you could create specific folders for events like holidays, birthdays etc, and then you can invite your friends and family to view your online album.

Popular social media sites